• The mesh is a major trend which will shape business in the next decade.

  • Lisa Gansky makes a compelling case for the new competitive logic of sharing and shows how to build not just a single company, but an entire business ecosystem, around this concept. If you want to understand the future, and maybe even help create it, read this book.

    Daniel H. Pink
  • This is a brilliant, important book. Lisa Gansky has put her finger on one of the most important trends that will shape our culture over the next decades. She puts social media in a broader economic, cultural and environmental context.

    Tim O'Reilly
  • This book offers a timely introduction to the reality and importance of Mesh companies—ones that provide products and services through sharing, via community participation and a culture of trust—in a way that really matters.

    Craig Newmark
  • Easy access to shared and personalized goods and services are going to be an integral and ubiquitous part of the new economy. Lisa has tapped into, explains and explores this new phenomena.

    Robin Chase
  • The Mesh clearly reveals the dramatic shift enabled by our connected world. And Gansky's practical experience makes it real. It's essential reading for anyone in business.

    John Donahoe
  • Gansky's book is an important read for anyone who cares about the planet or is looking to make a ton of money.

    David Hornik
  • Lisa Gansky is the ideal tour guide and provocateur for this big idea. From the very first page, this book will have you taking notes (and then taking action)

    Seth Godin
  • The Mesh is the future of business — and Lisa Gansky describes it brilliantly! Read this book to find out what you need to do to be part of the new economy of the Mesh!

    Alan M. Webber
  • Networks exist only because of what you put into them, not what you take out. Lisa Gansky in The Mesh shows us why generosity is replacing greed as the central value of the emerging network economy.

    Peter Schwartz
  • At ThredUP, we fully embrace what Gansky calls the Mesh and are rapidly growing our service, community base, brand and ecosystem around a new business model dedicated to extending the life of Kid's clothing and making parents very happy!

    James Reinhart
  • Lisa Gansky has uncovered a revolution that even most of its perpetrators didn't know existed. It's a brave new marketplace where consumers rule and business models are turned topsy-turvy. Where innovation and inspiration collide to create greener, cooler products and services that are high in value and values. And where disparate communities form, if only for an instant, to ignite companies and markets. The Mesh is an essential roadmap for tomorrow's winning companies, and anyone who wants to create one.

    Joel Makower
  • Since the 90's Lisa Gansky has had an uncanny knack for spotting, branding and building businesses on the next big " lifestyle " technologies. With The Mesh, she's branded one of the most significant economic trends ever, giving it a form that transcends the clich és of social media. And in typical Gansky style, she is using The Mesh to expand the mesh. With the book and the Mesh directory, she's empowering people to connect with each other and build profitable, sustainable businesses together. How very meshy of her!

    Denise Caruso

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