The Mesh

Why The Future
of Business is Sharing

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  • A Fascinating Look at the Web Has Spawned a New Breed of Business,

    September 10, 2011 ⁄ By David Starkweather  Read review

    This book is really a case study about how Social Media has helped to spawn a whole new category of businesses, ie. Mesh businesses. A Mesh business is simply a business that takes advantage of an existing business model and optimizes it for the modern, plugged-in, web-engaged users. Think of car share companies, bike sharing companies, Netlflix, tool rentals, clothes sharing (or trading) etc... Anything that takes advantage of durable goods that are cheaper to rent than buy and taking advantage of technology, social media and convenience. One of the coolest parts of the book is that Gansky provides an indepth directory of Mesh businesses for a variety of categories at the end of the book.

  • A Great Read

    June 12, 2010 ⁄ By Edward C. Callahan Jr.  Read review

    Lisa Gamsky gives us a glimpse in the future of the world as it should be. It's not clear to be how quickly we will get to a re-usable sharing world of products, but its a what we need to do. There is a very useful reference of sites where sharing is in place today.

  • Great Read For Business

    June 6, 2011 ⁄ By Keenanburkepitts   Read review

    This book was an eye-opener to the movement of business leveraging sharing as a commodity. Much of the book discusses the different ways business have been utilizing this concept and there are a bunch of mini case studies that provide insight to actual situations where sharing has helped to create or improve a company. For anyone interested in business and its evolution, this is a must-read. I have read Collaborative Consumption by Rachel Botsman and Boo Rogers which discusses the same implications. Both are great reads and in this book, Gansky takes a much more business approach to the movement of sharing in business in contrast to Collaborative Consumption that focuses more on the social, environmental, and economical implications. You can tell Gansky really knows what she is talking about and has a good deal of personal experience in the matter herself. For any aspiring entrepreneur, I believe this book can only act as a tremendous resource to accelerate the success of your future endeavors.

  • Excellent Information and Case Studies

    Feruary 28, 2011 ⁄ By Jo-Anne  Read review

    The book provides excellent case study examples on businesses with a product can leverage the Internet and create wealth -- win win scenarios that seem common sense, but are often more difficult to deploy. I'm not finished yet - but so far, quite impressed!

  • My favorite book of the year

    November 13, 2010 ⁄ By ShellyKramer  Read review

    An amazing book, written by my new favorite author. Gansky's book is awe-inspiring, to say the very least. If you're passionate about business, do yourself a favor and read The Mesh. I promise you won't be able to put it down.

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The mesh is a major trend which will shape business in the next decade.



Lisa Gansky

author of The Mesh

Lisa is, at heart, a marketect and "impact junky" with a strong interest in breaking the edges of formerly happy business models and bringing together not-so-likely characters in the form of new offerings, teams and partnerships.

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