Called2Create's purpose is to consult consumers and companies that want to shift to a loving, free, and creative market, leading the way in the paradigm shift that makes people and the planet the product that profits. This is a conscious, sustainable movement, raising awareness about our creative power to make an individual and collective paradigm shift to love now. One that ends the consciousness of separation, limitation, lack, scarcity and fear which has allowed into existence a world of poverty, hunger, dis-ease, suffering and inequality. We are called to create a sustainable evolution by profiting people and the planet through conscious marketing and awareness campaigns. Linear outdated models are now giving way to updated, upgraded, multi-level, multi-dimensional platforms. Our mission is to bridge consumers and companies together through multi-media campaigns so that they both can leave behind the old destructive paradigm together by exchanging their value and energy in a way that brings the entire world community into a new creative paradigm. It's time to bring LOVE into the marketplace. It's time for us all to profit by evolving to a free, joyful and creative world that is sustainable.

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