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Bailiwick Press wants kids to love books. In today’s digital world, the act of reading is increasingly shallow and fragmented. While we at Bailiwick Press believe that all forms of literacy are essential, we also think that books provide children the cognitive challenge they need to construct meaning from fully developed stories. • Books lay out extended narratives that enhance brain development. • Books build vocabulary and thus understanding. • Books introduce characters who become friends and role models. • And best of all, books delight! Among literacy channels, they alone have the power to make learning at once cognitively immersive and enchanting. Bailiwick’s books for kids teach, inspire, and delight. As we develop our books, we work with teachers and other educators to make sure they will be equally at home in the classroom as they are on kids’ nightstands. Still, while our motivations are complex, our purpose is simple: to create books kids love to read. And from what our young readers are telling us, we’re doing just that!

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