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Women often find themselves with more stuff than they can afford, store, or care to think about. And still, we find ourselves wanting more. But there’ s no need to covet greener grass: just upload a stylized picture of an item onto your personal profile, ship it off to someone who finds it as exciting as you once did, and then use your bucks to buy something that gives you that new-purchase thrill. Although Bib + Tuck is not the first site to recognize the need for women to trade clothes, it is the first to emphasize social transparency, moneyless transactions, and attractive visuals. From Prada to Zara, we want our users to view the site as an exciting venture into fashion reuse, because even if we did have a millie to re-swag our style, we’d still be intrigued by a great swap.


  • Meet the Sari's!

    Meet the founders of Bib + Tuck, a new members-only online marketplace for stylish people to exchange clothing.

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