A typical parent has two hats for each school-aged child as one always seems to be missing! Its estimated that 80% of school-aged children lose something each year - many never to be recovered. StrayHat communities help each other find lost property quickly, so that an item can be recovered quickly. The added benefit is that a family does not need to buy a new hat or jumper every time one goes missing. StrayHat has developed a range of name labels with embedded codes. These are read by the StrayHat smartphone app to inform an owner where lost items are and which child in the family an item belongs to. StrayHat community members can share their lost property status with other users by leveraging their Facebook community. StrayHat also works with the broader school community.


  • StrayHat in 5 easy steps

    Don't buy your children a new hat every time they lose it. Watch how StrayHat helps your school items come back to you.

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