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    c-crowd ist eine Internet-basierte Crowdfunding-Plattform, welche attraktive Projekte und Kapital auf eine effiziente Art und Weise zusammenführt.

    finance & economics
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    C.E.S.A.R Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems is a private institution that creates products, services and companies using Information Technology and Communication (ITC). Since 1996, C.E.S.A.R has been developing products and...

    technology & data
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    C3 Center

    The C3 Centre is intended to bring together similar or like-minded organizations to align their work and share programming and resources towards building the capacity of the voluntary sector in Ottawa. The proposed governance model is a hybrid of existing

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    C40 Cities

    The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) is a network of large and engaged cities from around the world committed to implementing meaningful and sustainable climate-related actions locally that will help address climate change globally.

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    C7 Design. Direct. Media.

    C7 is a design and marketing company.

    marketing services
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    CabCorner.com connects people located in the same general area who are headed the same direction around the same time. "Cab-sharing" lets you split the fare, thus accommodating a more affordable transportation option than solo taxi travel, and a...

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    Enables cab sharing.

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    Connecting people traveling with some room in their luggage with those who are keen to receive goods from afar. (p2p shipping/light freight)

    mobility / diy / finance & economics
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    Cabspotting traces San Francisco's taxi cabs as they travel throughout the Bay Area.

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    Café Mam

    Café Mam coffee is grown by fair trade cooperatives of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala.

    food & drink
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    Cafe Press

    CafePress offers the best selection of personalized gifts and unique t-shirts, clothing, mugs, art & posters. We have millions of designs from shopkeepers around the world that range from funny to cool to promotional.

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    CafeMom is an online community of moms.

    kids' stuff
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    CafeScribe is an eTextbook reader and marketplace. Our MyScribe reader makes it possible to do things first adopters never dreamed of: Search, highlight, take notes, cross-reference, sort text, connect with others using the same eTextbook and...

    books & writing
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    CaFoRe is a peer-to-peer car-sharing company based in Japan.

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    CAG Consultants is one of the UK’s leading sustainability, climate change and community engagement consultancies. We provide practical and policy level solutions to economic, social and environmental issues in the public sector. Together with our delivery

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    Cairo Transport App

    The Cairo Transport App Challenge invites all app creators to develop solutions to the systemic problem of congestion, accidents and pollution – one app at a time!

    mobility / business & innovation / technology & data
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    Cake Health

    Cake Health is a central place for all your healthcare plans online. It updates your plan status so you know what's covered, automatically categorizes your claims, tracks your out-of-pocket expenses and alerts you to possible overcharges.

    health & fitness
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    Calera’s focus is capturing CO2 from stationary emitters- including power plants and cement plants- and permanently converting it to mineral forms. The ultimate goal is to develop valuable products, such as cementitious materials, out of the...

    technology & data
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    Calhoun Properties

    Calhoun Properties is in the business of development, construction and management of micro-unit residential apartments and small residential apartments.

    real estate
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    California Academy of Sciences

    The California Academy of Sciences is an international center for scientific education and research that is at the forefront of efforts to understand and protect the diversity of Earth’s living things.

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    California Artisan Cheese Guild

    The Noritake Collectors Guild does not have a Membership base. The NCG is an Online Respository for Knowledge sharing purposes and invites individuals to share their knowledge with others freely.

    food & drink
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    California Association of Food Banks (CAFB)

    California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) is a membership organization of 41 member food banks with a mission to create a well-nourished California.

    food & drink
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    California Environmental Associates

    CEA works with a wide range of businesses, foundations, public institutions, and conservation groups to create economic incentives and innovative programs that deliver environmental returns.

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