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    O'Reilly Media spreads the knowledge of innovators through its books, online services, magazines, research, and conferences.

    education / books & writing
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    O2 Global Network

    O2 Global Network is an informal network for anybody interested in sustainable design. Network members are involved in industrial design, architecture, styling, graphic design, fashion, innovation and the arts. Included as well are people from...

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    Oahu Urban Garden Center

    The Oahu Urban Garden Center provides innovative and diverse horticultural information to the gardening public.

    farming & gardening
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    Oakland Art Murmur

    Art Murmur is a monthly First Friday Art Walk event and a weekly Saturday Stroll which are free and open to the public.

    creativity, media & the arts
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    Oakland Community Acupuncture

    At OCA Wellness Center we believe that a healthy community begins with healthy people. So we give back to the community by offering a low-fee acupuncture clinic for those people who earn less than $20K per year and can provide documentation to...

    health & fitness
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    Oakland Community Land Trust

    Combats community deterioration and expands housing and economic development opportunities for low and moderate income residents.

    Humanitarian Projects
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    Oakland Green Youth Arts and Media Center

    The Oakland Green Youth Arts & Media Center is one of the first arts and multimedia centers dedicated to both ecological awareness, as well as artistic and professional development for under served youth in the nation. By working as a...

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    OAT Shoes

    OAT Shoes is a brand-new initiative in shoe design combining attractive style and biodegradable materials to produce sneakers that not only look good, but leave no mark on the environment when you throw them out. Bury them in the garden, woods or...

    fashion & clothing
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    Object Rotterdam

    OBJECT Rotterdam shows unique or limited edition objects produced from the world of current national and international design

    creativity, media & the arts
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    Objective Logictics

    Objective Logistics is a retail/restaurant-focused software company that provides an artificially-intelligent, web-accessible labor management platform (MUSE) scientifically proven to increase sales and save managers countless hours of precious time.

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    ObjectLabs' experienced consultants provide a wide range of low priced IT-services to small and large enterprices.

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    <p>Ocado Ltd. operates as an online grocery retailer. The company offers fruits and nuts, wine, vegetables, grocery and household items, milk, eggs, and fish and seafood. It also provides meals, desserts, drinks, cupboards, gifts, household products, flow

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    Occasional Butler

    Occasional Butler connects you with trusted people who can help you get all types of jobs done

    careers, jobs & vocation
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    Car-share service based in Colorado.

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    Occupy Coop

    Discussing and promoting businesses not owned only by investors, but share ownership on a cooperative basis.

    business & innovation
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    OCE Discovery 11

    Discovery is Canada's leading innovation-to-commercialization conference. Hosted by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Discovery brings together key players from industry, academia, government, the investment community as well as...

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    Ocean Friendly Chefs

    Green Chefs/Blue Ocean: A comprehensive, interactive online sustainable seafood training program.

    education / food & drink
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    Ocean Recovery Alliance

    Focused on bringing creative solutions, technologies and collaborations to ocean protection.

    business & innovation / technology & data
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    Interactive game that enables players worldwide to fight pollution using recycling and up-cycling principles through virtual game play.

    technology & data
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    OceanSolution has created the world’s first premier alternative to synthetic agrochemicals using the most natural and sustainable resource on Earth: Deep ocean water.

    technology & data
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    Oceanus is an Italian organization that is fighting to protect the oceans.

    business & innovation / energy
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    Octal Info Solution Pte Ltd.

    Based in Singapore Octal Info Solution is one of the leading mobile app development companies offering creative and innovative mobile app solutions with high-end quality standards.

    mobility / technology & data / business & innovation
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    Octo Coletivo

    Octo Coletivo is an office with a bold proposal. Arose from the gathering of friends architects working in different sectors such as architecture, building design, interior design, design visualization and graphic design. Our proposal is based on...

    real estate
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    Smart card payment system.

    finance & economics
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    Oculus Design & Communications Limited

    We’re experts in our field, focused on maximising your ROI through effective design, brand and digital communications.

    marketing services
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