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    Vac from the Sea

    Electolux vacuum cleaner made from plastic recovered from the ocean.

    upcycling & recycling
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    Vacation rental marketplace with directly bookable houses, not only classified ads, holiday homes worldwide, vacation homes Europe.

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    Vacant specializes in popup and flexible retailing, location of targeted real estate, including moving tenants out from properties for a limited time, and custom interiors and construction, interior design, rendering interiors, global location...

    marketing services
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    Buy and sell timeshares with this directory platform.

    travel / finance & economics / technology & data
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    Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO)

    Online space for homeowners to advertise their vacation properties.

    real estate / travel
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    Vacation Rental People are not agents for property owners - you can contact the owners direct regarding the booking of properties by pressing "click here for booking details" button that can be found on each property advertisement.

    travel / real estate
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    Vadrouille Covoiturage

    Vadrouille Covoiturage is the first car pooling website which allows you to take your tickets directly online. With a really secure, easy and useful service you can quickly access to a lot of car pooling offers. Car pooling is the new way to...

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    Vadxx Energy

    Manufactures synthetic crude oil, natural gas, carbon and recovers metals using raw material feedstocks consisting of petroleum-based wastes.

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    Vakinha is a platform that enables secure, web-based donation collection.

    finance & economics
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    Bike sharing in Valencia, Spain.

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    Together, contribute to the emergence, recognition and sharing of all forms of wealth in the service of life.

    business & innovation
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    A pioneering game platform which distributes its games to over 65M users worldwide.

    entertainment / creativity, media & the arts / technology & data
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    The app that gives you today's most interesting events and where your friends are going.

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    At VanChefs you order the best dishes of real chefs in your neighborhood

    food & drink
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    Vancouver Farmers Market

    Offers a diversity of fresh and local agriculture products, quality prepared foods, and original fine artisan products.

    food & drink
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    Vancouver Hack Space

    Vancouver Hack Space provides a physical space where every creative type can gather to share ideas, equipment, and opinions.

    technology & data / diy
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    Vashon Island's Cohousing Community

    Our community was founded in 1989 when a group of intrepid visionaries pooled their life savings and purchased a twelve-acre parcel of woodlands and wetlands near Vashon Town. Our first house was actually moved to the site (from down the road) in 1992; bu

    business & innovation / real estate
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    vertical search platform focused on autos, vacation rentals, and real estate.

    technology & data
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    Vault.com is the source of employer and university rankings, ratings and reconnaissance for highly credentialed, in-demand candidates.

    careers, jobs & vocation
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    shop the closets of fashion industry insiders. by invitation.

    fashion & clothing / entertainment / finance & economics
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    Vayable is an online marketplace where people can discover, buy and sell unique travel experiences, including tours, activities and extended trips.

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    Vayama.com is a first-of-its kind travel web site that gives travelers a whole new world of choice in international air travel. Using the latest in web technologies, vayama offers a massive selection of airlines, flights and fares, many never...

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    VBSR Marketplace

    The VBSR Marketplace is a simple concept. Your business uses what it has to purchase what it needs. We are a peer-to-peer, mutual credit, trading system for Vermont.

    finance & economics
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    Vectorealism's mission is to provide a fast, accessible and user friendly laser cutting and engraving service to anyone and everyone who wishes to produce something. Vectorealism is part of Ponoko's global network of professionals and design...

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